Mother Nature

Some call it a mystery. Others just call it their environment.

For me, mother nature is a wonderfull teacher.

It’s pure, serene and always in balance with itself. It swings with a natural rythm. It is as it is, naked, no pretenses, no artificial frills. It is perfectly happily itself and that is its charm.

Everything on Earth is so much more beautiful when you look at it with some imagination and a child's mind.

It’s like an escape room, away from too many stimuli and too much thinking. It gives me insight and the power to filter, to find harmony and connection…especially with myself.

On earth, everything is somehow connected and perfectly synchronized. Nothing is random, not even your life.

The trick is to be comfortable with it and go with the flow.


With my latest project "Mother Nature" (still in progress) I am looking for details in nature where I end up in another world.

Color and form take precedence over the registration.

Artistic expression is a way of balancing myself. My work is a way of embracing reality from a distance and a different perspective.

With nature as a supporting element and my motivation to better understand, accept and let go of the world I strive for peace, balance and purity while photographing.

Free from any rules I experience complete freedom.

The Art of Nature brings us to the essence.