My name is Brigitte Storms (° 1970). I was born and raised in Antwerp (BE).

My passion for photography started with traveling. I try to capture the strange cultures, the untouched beauty of nature, the wildlife… in a intriguing way with images that speak. Even though there are very beautiful and fascinating places close to home, as well as elsewhere in the world, I feel very attracted to the African continent. The warmth, the scent, the sincere friendliness of the African people, the nature, the fascinating and versatile safari experiences, give me a blissful feeling every time.

Over the years my photography evolved from objective registration to a more creative and artistic expression. Fellow nature photographers, texts, but especially my own life experiences, both positive and negative, inspire me to photograph creatively.

"My creations result in images of peace, balance and purity. Without any rules or obligations, experiencing complete freedom. "

In the past year I followed an art program (Story/Visual Language), which led me to the core of my story. It turned out to be an inspiring quest, which gave me, as a photographic artist, more insight into what I want to depict and how. But above all it gave me more insight why I photograph and why I want my photos to be more meaningful, for myself and others.

I like seeing that my work also helps the viewer to detach from everything that doesn't matter in life to get to the essence.